Seller of Travel Laws

There are three kinds of state laws that directly affect travel
First, there are Seller of Travel Laws, which require travel
agencies to register, regulate sales by travel agencies, and
usually require financial protections for consumers. The five
states with such laws are as follows. By clicking on the state, you
will get a copy of the law:






Nevada, Oregon, Ohio, and Rhode Island used to have such laws,
but they were repealed.

The second type of state law does not require registration, but it
does regulate sales, chiefly by requiring certain disclosures and
refund obligations.  Those states are Illinois, Massachusetts, and
New York.

The third type of state law simply requires travel agencies to
register and pay a fee for a specific occupational or professional
license.  Those states are Delaware and Louisiana.

Finally, three Canadian provinces have Seller of Travel laws:  
British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

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