Mergers and Acquisitions

Mark has 25 years' experience in representing buyers,
sellers, and merger partners in travel-company mergers
and acquisitions of travel companies. He provides useful
and practical advice about:

    1. Prices

    2. Payment terms

    3. Transaction timing

    4. Transaction structures

    5. Minimizing liability

    6. Non-competes

    7. ARC and IATAN applications

    7. Post-acquisition employment

    8. Allocation of receivables

    9. Proration of payables

    10. Collateral security

When representing a buyer or seller, Mark can provide
the foregoing advice and can draft the letter of intent,
asset-purchase agreement or stock-purchase
agreement, and all ancillary documents such as
employment agreements.

Mark has also given several travel-industry seminars on
mergers and acquisitions.

He is the author of more than 35
Travel Weekly columns
on various legal and practical aspects of travel agency
acquisitions. You may research these by going to Register and do an "Advanced
Search" using under keywords "GDS" or "CRS" and
author name "Pestronk".

Contact Mark Pestronk about mergers and acquisitions.
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