Mark has 35 years’ experience in representing
travel agencies and other travel companies in travel-
industry matters.  During the last ten years, he has
represented either buyers or sellers in evaluating or
analyzing approximately 300 acquisitions of travel
agencies. In the last five years, he has also given
several seminars on agency acquisitions, including
formal and informal evaluation techniques and

Mark is the author of the formulas which are most
frequently acknowledged by the travel agency
industry as the most accurate means of valuing
travel agencies.  He developed these formulas
based on his observation of what buyers were
paying in cases where he represented a buyer or

Mark's formulas have never been challenged in any
trade press article or court testimony.  Although
some critics state that it is erroneous to use a
“single formula” rather than an average of several
formulas, these critics have never stated that his
conclusions are incorrect.

The trade association of U.S. travel agencies, the
American Society of Travel Agents, has published
one of  formulas on its website for the guidance of
travel agency owners and managers.     

Mark has also been recognized as an expert on
valuing travel agencies by federal and state courts
in several jurisdictions.

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